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LooUQ Cloud accelerates your project with code templates, cloud services, and ready to use APIs

Welcome to LooUQ Cloud

We have attempted to make getting started as easy as possible, but when you need them here are some resources to help you out. We have a Getting Started guide available in the LooUQ Answer Center that will lead you through the process of registration through deploying your first LooUQ device. From there, please check out the assortment of guides available in the LooUQ Answers Center to learn about building with and using Cloud to help accelerate your project and exploit the features offered by LooUQ Cloud. If you would like more information on a specific topic, let us know; chances are others may have the same question... so there should be a guide for that topic.

If you are the independent, just give me a compass heading type...

  • Register via the link above to create an account and login
  • Go to Devices and describe your first device
  • Go to github.com to download the LooUQ Cloud client of your choice
  • Build, deploy and go

Thanks, We Are Glad You Are Here!

If we can improve your experience, please let us know by going to the Answers center. Click on the blue LooUQ Answers tab (left-hand side of every page) to send us a message.